İ.ova Gençlik Kültür , Sanat ve Gelişim Derneği -IOVA is an organization of non-profit nature, counts more than one hundred individuals as members, young and creative citizens, people who share values, ideas, thoughts, reflections and vision.

IOVA is a young and dynamic organisation that was created as a response to the need for a vibrant, community based formation that will be able to recognise opportunities and respond to challenges related to the unique character of the local community and its members.

The focus of IOVA is:

● To encourage civic participation and active youth involvement through non-formal education;

● Implementation of new social practices in the field of media safety, fake news, social network violence, convergence of media technologies, etc.;

● The value of ICT strategies as a means of bridging the digital divide and as a powerful tool for economic & social development around the EU;

● Providing digital education for youth workers, young people and teachers.

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